The Dragon Slaying Writing Challenge


20100216writingchallengeblog Last time around, we asked writers to create a monster. Now, we’re going to have you slay one—a dragon, to be specific. After this challenge, we’ll move away from mythical beasts (probably). 

The Dragon Slaying Challenge

If you’re currently thinking, “There aren’t that many ways to slay a dragon, this is going to be a boring challenge where all the entries are the same,” you're addressing this challenge in a closed-minded fashion. We hypothesize that there are well over a thousand original ways for a dragon to be slain, and that the entries in this challenge, while they will be exceptional, will only begin to scratch at the surface of possibilities. 

There is only one restriction: The scene must involve a human slaying a dragon.

Time period, type of dragon, type of human, situation, method, and motivation for the slaying are all factors left entirely up to the writer, and comprise the meat of the challenge. We want to see some world-building and some deep emotion here. Hate? Sorrow? Guilt? Joy? Guilt caused by Joy? Revenge? Greed? Pride? Sense of duty? These are a few examples you can incorporate into your slaying-scene, but don’t feel limited to just these. We trust you to recognize a deep emotion when you feel one.   

The Prizes

Dragon-Slaying-Logo The WEbook editorial staff will pick 6 winners and award them a coupon to PageToFame. We will feature the top three entries on the WEbook blog in successive installments and highlight the stuff we liked about these entries. The #1 dragon-slaying scene-writer will receive an actual dragon in the mail. No joke. We’ll mail you a dragon and probably a really nice note. 

To enter the Dragon Slaying Challenge, START A NEW CHAPTER in this project. Please read all of the project rules before writing and entering your challenge. 

Good luck, Dragon Slayers.


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