The Steampunk Challenge Winners


Steampunk Thanks for your patience while we did the whole judgment thing. We have journeyed through lands of steamfull of airships, turbines, cogs, and robots. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us tag along. No more dilly-dally, time to announce the winners.

Oh, quick dilly-dally. The Twitter Story Writing Challenge is still open and ready for your submission. Soon, another challenge will rise, but try the Twitter thing. You might like it.


The Test by angelb35  

Why it Won: One word: movement. From the first sentence all way to the end, there’s a sense of things happening—whether it’s a noisy, bustling world of magic and steam, or the creation of a bot from the inside of Alice’s mind, this entry is on the move, and we liked where it's going. This may seem lofty, call us crazy, but you know the opening of Great Gatsby when what’s-her-face is laying on the sofa or whatever and her dress is billowing and everything in the room is alive, until someone-or-other closes the window and everything falls back to earth? This entry reminded us of that except the window never gets closed.  

The Frontier by krymsonkyng

Why it Won: Because writing good dialogue with a unique, believable voice is really hard. And krymsonkyng did it. Perfect timing, perfect rhythm. We felt like you get an actor, maybe the guy who played Mr. French in The Departed, and he could just tear this scene to pieces. Moreover, there’s a world here: a frontier, opposing forces, survival strategy, and brand-named steel horses. 

Secondary moreover (and this is a big S.M.) we don’t know if the narrator is telling the truth. Everything he’s saying might be a lie. He might be a total coward. He might have killed his friend in the frontier land. We just don’t know—but we dig that, the not knowing. 

Glittering Salvo by NyteZ

Why it Won: Mystery. There was a bigger plot going on here and we desperately wanted more details. A revolt in the city! Over what? People being partially eaten by construct monsters! Why? There seemed to be so much going on with these characters, and all of it affected them in a deep, serious way. We didn’t get all the information we wanted (500 word limit curse you!) but we got enough to fill in with our minds the rest of the story. And we liked it.

The End of Steam City by Narain

Why it Won: Because it boiled the essence of Steampunk down to the description of single man in an alley. Military discipline but no military experience, bulges that could be tools or weapons, darkness, grit, shadowy streets, and the smell of urine. But despite all this, we’re left with a sense of hope. The man is ominous but whatever he’s whispering, it seems like it might be the last bit of light in the dirty world that Narain created.

Jonah's Heart by Aftab

Why it Won: Because the writing is amazing, the story about this family was whimsical and yet touching at the same time, and because clockwork whales are awesome. It was like a Steampunk fairy tale with biblical undertones and—again—awesome clockwork whales. Great stuff. 

And, of course, the final winner, dubbed by the big DF himself

Aulus Fractus by eupolis

Congratualtions, eupolis, you are the honored winner of the Steampunk compass. Use it to navigate youself onward through life. Or as a paperweight.

Winners, you'll get your PageToFame coupons shortly. Everyone, don't forget about the Twitter Story Writing Challenge. It's out there waiting for you, just a click away.

See you next time....


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