The Twitter Story Writing Challenge Winners


This was a tough challenge, and probably the most restrictive while simultaneously abstract exercise we’ve had WEbook writers work on. Thanks to everyone who gave it a shot.

In the spirit of brevity and the interest of getting some three-day weekend sun-basking started. Here are the winners of the Twitter Story Challenge. 

Tweetie Pie by Inigo Rane

Timely Tweets by MassDaddy

Love on a Möbius Strip by JRVogt

Alice or Malice? by Sanger 

Death row tweets by Cesido 

On with the show by NickJ

Meanwhile, there was a massive participation to the Alpha Omega Writing Challenge, so we gotta read those. And there is a brand new challenge waiting to be entered:

The Daily Deal Write-up Challenge

Start a new chapter and get to it. What else are three day weekends for?



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  1. Thanks Beruthiel; Death row tweets would not be on the winners list without your brilliant help. You’re a real gem.


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