The Picture/Sentence Writing Challenge


The August writing challenge pays homage to high school creative writng classes. You know that English teacher, the one who runs the school literary magazine, recites poetry on a whim while walking the halls, and wears a beret 40% of the time? This one’s for him:

The Picture/Sentence Challenge


Check out the picture on the left (bigger version here). Take a minute to study it. Absorb the story it evokes. Now read this sentence:

“We found the boat in late afternoon.”

For this challenge, writers are tasked with finishing the “scene” created by this picture and sentence. The first seven words of the scene must be “We found the boat in late afternoon.” The next 343 words are totally up to you (that was our clever way of laying down a 350 word limit).

Go in any direction you want—fantastical, dark, light, whimsical, gritty, funny, YA-ish,
Hemingway-esque, akin to Faulker. You could even go J.K. Rowling all up on this beast. 

The deadline for this challenge is 10 pm, August 31. To enter, start a new chapter in the Picture/Sentence writing challenge project.

WEbook will pick 6 winners and award them free entry to PageToFame, our flagship writing contest. We'll also highlight each deal on the blog and see if anyone tries to buy it. If they do, we'll tell them it's a pretend deal and that'll pretty much be the end of it.

Good luck. Enjoy!




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