The Daily Deal Write-up Winners!


20100216writingchallengeblog At long last, the winners of the July challenge have been chosen. There's a bit of a WE-backup here with the challenges. But we've got the next one up and running as well

With the DD winners, a lot of the usual went into winning--creativity, prose prowess, unexpected angles--but a big part of what made the winners stand out was details. Those little extra snippets that made us smile, giggle, and at times laugh out loud. 


Perspective Travel by DRenkeyCheap
Appendages! by  ZorianBar
Bar Flys by ShanaPupik
Life-Changing Fish Mate by Rstringerh24 
How To Succeed In Business Without Doing Anything! by burntstars
ZEP by Luna_Nyx 

Congratulations, you will recieve your PageToFame coupons in your WEbook message inbox.  

We'll announce the Picture/Sentence Challenge winners in a more time-sensitive fashion. Promise. 

In the meantime, there's a fresh new challenge that might benefit from some Labor Day Weekend BBQ memories. Dig in

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