The Picture + Sentence Challenge Winners!


We gave you a picture of a boat. Hanging out on some land. That's a little strange--you don't see a land-boat every day. And you writers, you craftpeople of words, did the rest. You turned it into a narrative. A story. Damn awesome job.

Here are the winners of the Picture Sentence Challenge!

Subject Zero by AmenziliaPoppy
This is one of the most engaging interior monologues we've read in a long time. We don't have details about who Ursa and Crow are, what they're doing, whether they're friends or enemies, but the parts we can see are interesting. And we wish we could read the rest of their story. 

MMORPG by Atrees
We'll be honest. There are those among the staff that have played some WoW. We're not going to say how much. But we'll put it this way, we've pwned some people in the arena. Pwned them hard. Anyway, what we're saying is we know what it's like to get sucked into an MMORPG and feel that blur between game and reality. This entry reminded us of that, and that was a good thing.

Depths by Thomnus
A lot of good things were happening in this entry. But a set of characters that are "looking for something that we could steal to pacify the silent screaming of the boredom in our hearts" is a badass line. There's ennui, recklessness, other rebellious stuff. Nice. 

Quest's End by DragonflyGray
This was a great interpretation of the photo. We get the feeling they've been on a LONG quest. Walking, fighting, getting lost in swamps, and all under the cryptic guidance of finding "the vessel that rides on a sea of grass." Quests rock. Here's a good motto to take home with you: "When in doubt, send everyone on a quest." Live by that. 

We Will Remember by NyteZ
Great writing going on here. Vivid descriptions, unspoken emotions, and painful memories. But the paragraph that won us over was nestled between all of this--as the narrator reflects on the old fantasies she used to play. Battles brought to life by wooden swords, chocolate melting in the sun, and negations with vanilla ice cream. We dig it.

Noah's Ark by tonydonell
This is a true story. We showed this to a dude on our dev team and he snotted coffee out of his nose and onto his keyboard because he was laughing so hard. It was funny, but his nose was burned pretty bad because he's one of those guys that drinks boiling hot coffee as if it's no big thing. Like, normal people would let his cup cool for 10 minutes but he just gulps it down like it's a big gulp slurpee. Totally true story.  

Honorable Mention

Sandbox by silverskull39
Kids totally do this. They're all mid-fantasy in the sandbox, and there are all kinds of crazy things going on (like midget murders), but the kids still build that bridge between what is real and what is fake. Crafty ole' silverskull39 knows this, and didn't forget it. 

Winners, you shall receive a coupon to PageToFame shortly. Use them responsibly. 

Even better, the next writing challenge is up and ready. Grab your pen, and your vengeful spirit

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  1. Congrats to the winners, there were some fine ones here. REALLY glad to see that none of the MANY that literally described the picture were included, e.g. It was blue, it was yellow etc. You need to think more out of the box than that people.

  2. I really like it when writers delve into their inner self to see what a simple picture/image represents itself to them. Not only is their visual talent work with them but they also merge it with intellect of their own. Really insightful!

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