Winners of the BBQ Challenge


20100216writingchallengeblogSo, uh, this is kinda awkward. We did the whole "something going on underneath the surface" theme for this BBQ challenge. And the contestants totally went with it. It's just that...well...there was a lot of cannibalism. Don't get us wrong, we're all for Cormac McCarthy and The Road, it's just that there were a lot of BBQ's where people got eaten. We're not judging, but we had to comment. 


The Invited Stranger by ctalaman

Great atmosphere, descriptions, and underlying theme going on here. But what really won us over was the voice. It was sarcastic, dark, but not without some levity. Ctalaman had us at "reteller of unfunny things." We know of people who fit that description all too well. 

Dessert Storm by simonmabee

Very Brian Jaques-esque. We're all for legendary figures, especially when they're squirrels that have something worth dying for. 

Over Done by Jvd9

A couple no longer in love may not be the most original underlying theme in the world, but when it's described this well and you throw in a bit of a twist at the end, we're all for it!

The View from Spooner Hill by JulieDaniels

With kids these days, it seems like they carry on conversing in an invisible and digital world of texts, tweets, status updates, and emails. Thumbs can do an amazing amount of communication. But the real world is always there, lurking above the touchpads and mini screens. JulieDaniels gets that. 

Apocalyptic Tamarind by J_Hucke

Yeah this was a cannibalism one. But we liked it. Had a bit of that McCarthy spice in it to boot. Solid descriptions of the post-apocalyptic BBQ as well.

The Police Benefit Barbecue by ErikModi

This entry really evoked a larger world. A PI/demon hunter, werewolves, vampires, and a police BBQ that sounds like it's about to get serious, it's all fantastic. Well done.

Congratualtions to the winners. You shall recieve your PageToFame coupons shortly. 

The Revenge Challenge has just wrapped up, but stay tuned for the next writing challenge, coming soon.

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