The High School Writing Challenge


20100216writingchallengeblogHigh school is a prime setting for all kinds of fiction—YA, literary, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Some of major classics of these genres all take place in the halls of different high schools around the world. Why is this? Well, a lot goes on in these formative years. Children begin the long and slow process into becoming adults, a lot of “firsts” occur, romances blossom and die, and people struggle to pass calculus quizzes.

It’s a time rife with struggle, yearning, and new things. And this month’s challenge is about tapping into those feelings and themes.

Write a 300 word scene that takes place on the campus of a high school. The content of the scene is entirely up to you, but the best entries will evoke a larger theme about high school life. The theme, too, is up to you.

The deadline for this writing challenge is 10:00 PM, EST on December 31, 2011. WEbook will choose six winners and award them one free entry to PageToFame, our flagship writing contest. 

To enter the challenge, start a new chapter in this writing project. Enjoy!

And don't forget to check out the winners from last month's challenge.



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  1. When will the winners of this be announced? I am really looking forward to seeing who won! :)

  2. I am sure who ever wins, deserves it!

  3. Is anybody else having problems finding the post with the high school challenge winners?


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