The Revenge Challenge Winners


20100216writingchallengeblogOh, you vengeful writers. You captains of comeuppance, masters of malevolence, and puppeteers of payback. Well done, you have earned your reward: the grim satisfaction of retribution. We hope is tastes good, even if it was cold.

The Revenge Challenge winners!

Smells Like Revenge by Sabrawing

This entry won because it really sucked us into the perspective of a child carrying out a self-assigned mission of revenge. The details of the muffled feet and avoidance of the reflection in the T.V. were minor, but critical for building atmosphere. And the weapon of choice was…well...let’s just say children have to use the tools available to them.

All's Fair in Love and Parking by PhillipNorhill

Any entry that involves exploding candy is going to get our attention. Back that up with some excellent (but gruesome) details, and it’s a pretty clear winner. Sure, this seems like a bit of an overreaction for a parking space feud, but we figure someone who builds an exploding candy bar is prone to overreaction in general.  

Brood Parasite by Atrees

Atrees made a few changes on this while the contest was open, particularly the last line. We’re glad he did, because we wouldn’t have gotten the twist (we won’t give it away here) without it. A quick romp through a certain Wikipedia article, and all those careful references in the setup made a whole lot more sense!

Game craze by DS_Gane

We liked this entry because it exemplified that tendency among some people to become totally engrossed in trivial and inconsequential games. It’s an interesting character trait, and a very amusing one when looked at from this angle.

Blackbeard and The T-bone by ShanaPupik

We’re a fan of entries that personify animals because it gives us a chance to examine human motivations in a different context. Animals mostly care about food and being petted, so it makes sense that this revenge quest would be centered on a steak. Moreover, we feel like we can see this type of thought—the balancing of penalty and reward—going on in a few pets of our own. Right before they strike.

Care-Taker by JRBeck

This entry won because of its deliberate and well-paced progression. Backstory and present action were intertwined in an unforced and—dare we say—artful way that’s appears effortless, and yet we all know requires a great effort indeed. Well crafted, well done!

Congratulations to the winners, you will receive your PageToFame coupon in your WEbook inbox soon.

The next writing challenge will be released soon. We’re going to do a bit of extra preparation and offer some extra-juicy rewards this time around. Stay tuned. In the meantime, why not read a few recent entries to PageToFame?

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  1. I had a great time reading through their fascinating vengeful stories. It give a whole new meaning to the word REVENGE! Keep in mind, never underestimate any opponent, human or not!

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