The OK Cupid Writing Contest Winners


20100216writingchallengeblogIt's been a few weeks since Valentine's Day, so that bouquet of flowers may be starting to wilt a bit (or be completely dead if you didn't water them); however, a little bit of love lives on through the winners of the OK Cupid writing contest. Here they are--the masters of desire, the puppeteers of passion, the lords of love. Winners!

Always Something Doing by sigmundsquirrel  
Gripping and hard-boiled, with a historical setting that is authentic without feeling dated - this narrator left us wanting the next piece of the story! 

A Connoisseur, Of Sorts by jblane
Great poetry in this piece that movingly describes the love that never leaves you - just wait till you learn the identity of the beloved lady! The author's descriptive powers bring every sense to life. 

Trying on Sweaters by JayneGrey 
Smart and sweet, in the grand romantic tradition of our favorite sassy chick-flicks. Boys may be boys, but some of them understand how true love fits. 

Borders by Eloquent_MJ
What if Romeo and Juliet were separated by far more than just their family's prejudice? This story sets a contemporary pair star-crossed lovers under literal stars, experiencing the small squabbles of a relationship amid a larger and suspenseful obstacle to their love.

A Secret Admirer's Worst Nightmare by AreannaLuckett
This story captures the tension, excitement, and agony of your first big love with measured realism, and does an excellent job of incorporating several months of back story into one pivotal scene. 

Keeping Tabs by Jvd9
Sometimes the only cure for heartbreak is finding a new love - sometimes who you least expect! This story skillfully avoids sentimentalism by describing the new object of devotion through insinuation. 

Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your PageToFame coupons in your WEbook in-box soon.

If you didn't win, don't go home with a broken heart just yet. We've extended the deadline for the Building Description Writing Contest, so try your hand at describing a structure! 

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