The All Aboard Writing Contest Winners!


TitanicThe ships have set sail. The voyages have been made. The water has been cut. The journey has been completed. 

We noticed there was a lot of darkness aboard these entries. Don't worry, we're not squeamish, although we were a little surprised by the lack of first-half-of-Titanic-romance in the majority of the entries. No matter, they were a pleasure to read!


Silent Reminder of Our Places by Dana_Bulla - Grim, but interesting dystopian piece. We loved the inventive use of the cruise ship. Loved it so much, that we're sending you a copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print!

Beneath the Bloody Sea by CrystalRose - There's that darkness we were talking about! Yet, also an engaging, heart-wrenching story.

Under the Sun by MyMorbidFantasy - The ending took us a bit by surprise, but everything leading up to that point was full of spot-on, creative descriptions and characterizations. 

Steel Pants by SC_Benjamin - Here's some levity! We're not so sure this is a believable scene, but weare sure that isn't the point. This one made us giggle, and we are not liberal with our giggles. Nice one.

More Than A Crusade by violet_Music - A fun sci-fi approach, well-executed and tells a lot of story in the short word limit.

The Grand Illusion by JRBeck - Well-written and great hook at the end. This one really left us wanting to read more. 

Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your PageToFame coupons in your WEbook inboxes shortly. 

In case you haven't already, the Back Story Writing Contest is running full-speed ahead (and there's a copy of Game of Thrones involved). So start writing some Back Story, and have a great weekend. 



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