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MarsontheRise(1)Happy Friday, WEbookers! Here's the last installment of our stellar conversation with Rae Gee, newly published author of Mars on the Rise. Read on for what she has to say about publicity and all things social media.

So you've written a book and landed a publisher - the only thing left is to tell the world about it! Tell us about your experience as a newly published author—what has been your favorite part so far?

Now you're talking my language! I've worked in and around promotions since I was 18 so this is my favourite part of the process. I love talking to people and creating publicity materials.

As for my favourite part so far – probably talking to people who are as excited about the book as I am. When you're feeling a bit low, it's a great pick-me-up.

And what scares you the most about publicizing your book?

Negative responses, I think. Like any writer, I'm quite protective of my work, and a complete perfectionist. Slowly I'm learning that I can't please everyone. Another thing which scares me is having it plagiarized. It's happened in the past, someone stole my work and passed it off as their own. Thankfully it's getting easier to get plagiarized material taken down and I'm lucky in that I have some great friends who keep an eye out for it.

 Any surprises?

 Seeing it hit Amazon's Gothic charts in both the UK and Germany! That's been a real rush!

Have you used social media at all to spread the word about Mars on the Rise?

Oh heck, yes! There's the Facebook page, the Twitter account, the blog , the Goodreads profile... I'm now tempted by a Ustream page but I'm not sure if people want to see me drinking tea and eating chocolate! Something I adore is the ability to link them together so that updating one will update the others. I try not to put the same updates on all of them so that people aren't swamped with identical information. I also try and make sure that I'm talking to them and not at them.

Your social media profiles for the book carry the name "Veetu Industries." How does this connect with your writing career and the book?

The_Dreamer_by_MWaters-postcard printVeetu Industries is the name of the company which features in Mars on the Rise. Owned by Erus, it's responsible for churning out the weapons and machines which keep the wars running. I never really thought a lot about it while I was writing; it's like one of those programs which runs stealthily on your computer, a little something which added to the overall story. People who've read the book now liken it to the massive, multi-national, faceless companies which are now around the globe. That was something I'd never seen it as; it was always just another cog in the book.

Over time Veetu Industries has grown and now people associate it with the book and the characters. It's great because it's literally becoming the brand of the books, so much so that people are now starting to ask for merchandise! One person did ask when Veetu Industries t-shirts would become available and, in the true nature of the company, I did reply that there would be no t-shirts but company brandings would soon be offered to all loyal employees! (I am joking! I'd never do that to anyone! Hopefully we'll have the t-shirts at some point though.)

Haha, sounds like fun - and it must be exciting to watch a community form around your work.

One of the great things about social media is that you can interact with people and have conversations. It's great and I love how grounding it can be to have normal, every day conversations with people. It's also brought all my friends together and I get so excited talking to them about it. Some of them have stepped up and offered to do things for me like designing and building websites and creating artwork. As much as I originally loathed it, I'm now a big Facebook user. It's been a great help in keeping in touch with friends and family while writing the book and it's become a wonderful tool afterwards.

Saying that, I try not to rely on it too much. In this day and age there is so “noise” out on the internet, so many people with things to say, that anything you say can be lost. I really like talking to people face to face and I'm a huge fan of snail mail. I love writing letters to people, sending them little things through the post and, in turn, I love getting things back. To me, at least, it feels that little more personal.

What advice do you have to other newly published authors as they send their books into the world?

Prepare as much as you can. Make a plan on how you're going to promote the book.

Get your friends involved. If you're excited they'll be excited.

Surround yourself with inspirational people. They'll help lift you up when the going gets tough. Likewise, when they're having a bad day, you'll be able to help them.

Don't let people's negativity get you down.

Get to as many events as you can. For example, if your books features stock car racing, get to the events and talk to people. Get them interested.

Enjoy the ride!

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us this week, Rae! It's been great hearing all about your experience and your super advice for all of us here on WEbook, working hard on our own projects. We're excited for you and Mars on the Rise!

If you have any questions for Rae, leave a comment below, and we'll try to coax her back for another chat!

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  1. The book has a very catchy storyline, and I’m sure a lot of people would get hooked on reading it. It is interesting, though, how the author tried to get the word out about it. It is amazing how social media can reach so many people with just a few clicks. What she did was effective move for her work to become more noticeable. And the best part? It’s so easy to create a fan page or account, and it’s absolutely free!

  2. Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

  3. Great interview with Rae Gee! These are some excellent tips about social media, including the use of Goodreads, which is such a large resource for authors. I just finished a good book on leveraging social media and other online outlets by Jason Caston entitled, The iChurch Method: How to Advance Your Ministry Online. This book is written for churches, and also has great advice on how to effectively utilize sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can find the author's website here:

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments and wonderful feedback!
    Lauren - Thank you for the link! Will definitely check it out. Have already passed it on to a couple of people who'll find it really useful! Thank you. :)


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