Mother's Day Writing Contest


Mother’s Day is right Shutterstock_70303954 around the corner! And if you forget, you have only yourself to blame, thanks to the commercials from florists, jewelers, and spas filling ad space from street corner to airwaves. But surely Mom is worth a little more than a card and lunch in a crowded restaurant! She did bring you into this world, after all, as well as cleaning up after you and keeping you alive for your first couple decades.

So here’s your chance to picture an ideal Mother’s Day tribute—or a celebration gone horribly wrong. Write a 300-word story in which someone gives an unusual gift to a mother, or a motherly figure (grandmother, overbearing aunt, foster mom, Mary Poppins,  stepmothers good or wicked, the choice is yours). Let your imagination run as much as your nose used to, when you were still hanging on your mother’s apron strings. 

To enter, start a new chapter in this writing project.

The deadline for this contest is 10 pm on Sunday, May 13. That’s Mother’s Day, so consider it your deadline also for calling your mom! Winners get a free entry to Page to Fame, and our very favorite entry will win a copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print.

THE FINE PRINT: Contest ends at 10 pm on May 13, 2012. WEbook does not take into account the user ratings when deciding who will win the challenge. We read each submission carefully, and decide the winners based on our own judgment. One  submission per person ( you can revise your entries up until the deadline).

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