The Back Story Writing Contest Winners


20100216writingchallengeblogWe've read the stories. We've gone back with you - tread the waters of time as characters drift between the past and present (sometimes the future) during their small 300 word stages. It was a wild, fun ride. We're a little dizzy. 


#1 Honor (and recipient of a copy of Game of Thrones) goes to....

Pliny by LostViolet
This entry won top honors because of it's fresh, vibrant descriptions and perspective. When you go classical like this, there's a big pitfall by the name of "overwritten" that LostViolet deftly avoided.

And the other 5 winners (and PageToFame coupon beneficiaries) are...

Linsora and Permac by WinterDragon
This entry achieved a perfect balance between realistic character interaction and sci-fi back story. Despite including quite a bit of "new" history and information, the fact that it's conveyed through natural dialogue makes it smooth, believable, and engaging.

Bionic Baby Blue by jblane
This one had us on the edge of our reading chairs! A tense scene indeed. We also liked that this entry relied on unspoken information and action between these two characters to convey its back story.

Stems by JRBeck
This one made us smile, which always goes a long way. However, it's also got a dialogue of backbone which is never easy to do, yet still manages to set a scene, flesh out some characters, and reveal some back story in a clever way.

Could Have by M_Farris
This one convey an entire relationship between a man and a woman without every mentioning it directly. Not easy. Bravo!

The Big Pharma by sigmundsquirrel
Oh, Sigmund. So many times we judge and love an inventive, well-written entry and find out that it was written by you. This one created a world full of backs tory that we engaged with, and wanted more of in a bad way. Well done, Mr. Squirrel. 

Winners will receive prize information in their in-boxes shortly. 

The next writing contest is also freshly opened and ready for your entry. Start a new chapter in the Mother's Day Writing Contest and keep the writing fun going!

Have a writerly weekend,

The 'book

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