The Food Description Writing Contest


FoodchallengeFood. It’s enjoyable to eat, sure. It’s vital to our continued life as humans, fact. You know what else it is? It’s a great detail to add into any written scene.

A lot of writers were known for their food descriptions. Hemingway was big in to details of the Parisian food scene. Brian Jacques would sometime go on for pages about the different feasts consumed in The Redwall series. But pretty much all great writers have a knack for a well-placed meal tidbit.

Why is this? We think it’s because reading about food can easily create a physical reaction from the reader, and this makes the scene seem more real.

Call us crazy, it doesn’t matter, the latest writing challenge isn’t changing one crumb.

Write a scene (300 words max) that uses a description of food to bring the scene to life.

As usual, the type of food, actual role of the juicy description, and scope of the scene are totally up to you.

WEbook will pick the top six winners and award them free entry to PageToFame, our flagship writing contest. The #1 Food Contest Winner will win a copy of A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway

So grab a fork (and a pen/keyboard) and dig in to this writing contest

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