The Mother's Day Writing Contest Winners


20100216writingchallengeblogMother's Day has come and gone. Father's Day approaches on swift wings. What's happened in between? Well, we've been reading the submissions to this writing challenge. Hopefully you've been thinking about what to get Dad for his special day. 

We recommend a meat smoker. A lot of people think they're impractical, but they're wrong. They're an amazing way to empower your father to produce delicious meals of meat while basking in the summer sunlight and sipping on his favorite man-beer. of the Mother's  Day Writing Contest!

#1 Grand Prize Winner of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Easy Peezy by Leo1 
This was some pretty wild sci-fi, but interesting and well-composed. 

And the other deserving recipients of PageToFame Coupons!

Edelweiss by SC_Benjamin
We liked that there was action in this scene, not easy to make action work in conjunction with Mother's Day. The ending was also equal parts unexpected and interesting.

Photos by AdraLynne
This entry fleshed out a realistic character and a very touching scene in a small space. Really powerful.

Mum's the Word by violet_Music
Cute and unconventional. Two things that rarely go together and work. Nice!

Conundrum by RockDarkwater
This one made us smile, and the rhyme and meter was well done.

Found on the Prairie by JRBeck
This entry had an unusual perspective and a lot of depth in the back story. As you know from the last contest, we're suckers for good backstory.

Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your PageToFame Coupons in the mail soon. 

Don't forget about the Food Writing Contest that's still open for submissions until June 3rd. Hope you brought an appetite! 


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