WEbook...? What's happened?!

Hmmm... It seems that the previous owners ran out of cash, and five weeks ago, they pulled the plug without warning.

Wait... Who are you?

Well, we're a group of authors, editors and publishers who've got together to get WEbook back on line.
Why? Because we thought it was brilliant and we wanted to see it flourish again (and don't worry, we've got the cash to make sure the site's future is safe).

Sounds great!
So exactly what are you doing?

Thanks. Well, we're in the process of rebuilding the site and working out how much damage was caused. We've got a lot of it back already and we've got loads of ideas to make it even better and more useful.

Fantastic! How can I help?

A lot. After all, it's your site.
We're looking for old WEbookers and new authors to help and advise us on how to make WEbook what it was, and how to make it much better.
Just sign up on WEbook and we'll get in touch with details of where all this developing is going on, and how you can help make WEbook yours again!

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