WEbook...? What's happened?!


Hmmm... It seems that the previous owners ran out of cash, and five weeks ago, they pulled the plug without warning.

Wait... Who are you?

Well, we're a group of authors, editors and publishers who've got together to get WEbook back on line.
Why? Because we thought it was brilliant and we wanted to see it flourish again (and don't worry, we've got the cash to make sure the site's future is safe).

Sounds great!
So exactly what are you doing?

Thanks. Well, we're in the process of rebuilding the site and working out how much damage was caused. We've got a lot of it back already and we've got loads of ideas to make it even better and more useful.

Fantastic! How can I help?

A lot. After all, it's your site.
We're looking for old WEbookers and new authors to help and advise us on how to make WEbook what it was, and how to make it much better.
Just sign up on WEbook and we'll get in touch with details of where all this developing is going on, and how you can help make WEbook yours again!

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  1. Hello, um if you are an old member how do you get to your 'recovered' documents, if any?

  2. I agree with BellBeez_48 -- I had a lot of work on Webook as did many other writers. We should have been given a chance to remove it, but since we haven't: how do we get it off the damn site ?!!

  3. i love webook but that was very irresponsible what they did. Why no notice?

  4. Agreed. They definitely could have handled the shut-down better. On a positive note, it says that the new owners are a collection of writers, editors, and publishers, that sounds promising!
    Any news on when the site will be back up?

  5. I would also love to know when the site will be back, and mostly, how to get my work back! I have no idea where it is, who has access to it, or if I ever will again. I would be devastated if it were lost forever. I had been working on moving things to my Gmail for safe keeping, sadly enough, and I guess I just wasn't fast enough. A lot of my work on here was either the recent or only copy of my work. I think the fact that no notice was given was more than irresponsible, and if we lost our work because of their lack of sincerity with the situation, then that's a problem. They should have told us through the blog or email, or maybe started a fundraiser to stay up, something. would love to be a part of the new WEbook!But very angry and disappointed by the old one. You must understand.

  6. I did sign up and never received an email on how to help. As for my lost work, it would be nice being I only backed up so much, any update on if that is going to be possible? Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

  7. I need some help but if you can reply me.

  8. yea, I filled in the blanks as well and never received an email. I'm guessing that some legal issues are being worked out and that we'll hear from you after that; but please keep us informed. Limbo is a hard place to live. :) penbuddy

  9. I'm with everyone of else. I had hundreds of poems as well as the start of a memoir on this site, and I am completely livid in regards to the current situation. On the site, was my time and effort poured into a collection of work for my as well as other projects. I'm hoping and praying something unfolds soon as I have seriously been contemplating taking legal actions. I need the work I produced.

  10. Oh please do bring back WEbook I miss it so freakin much I can't stand it! It has all my chapters on it, I have no problem rewriting it---but I REALLY don't wanna have to do that. Would be awesome if things could go back to the way it was. So excited for progress on this!!

  11. I am a prior landlord and Someone sent a check to me for Webook. How do I get it into WEbook's hands?

  12. I had a ton of stories on that site and I'm dying to get them back! Most were saved elsewhere but between all the bad computers and ruined USB chips, I have nothing left except what was on that site. Since they went off without warning, I demand them back or a refund of some sort because this is ridiculous. I was a member for around 4-5 years and spent a lot of time around there. If you're going to shut down, fine, but warn people at least. I feel like I wasted 5 years of my life for no reason. I would really like my stories back, please. Then you can do whatever you want. I'm willing to help if I can, but don't ask me for money. Webook was supposed to be free, hence why I was there in the first place. Sorry if this sounds bitter, but I am. So. Stories, please?


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