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As of today, PageToFame is free!
That's right, from today, tapping into the greatest resource in the book world - WEbook's passionate readers - is without charge. Hear the opinions of many passionate readers, and benefit from the participation and feedback of leading literary agents and other publishing pros. If you love reading, PageToFame offers an unprecedented opportunity to help new writers rise to the top
Put on your "book critic" hat and see if you can spot the next best-seller, and find out what others think.
You'll even get the chance to compare your opinion to the professionals: famous writers, publishers, and established literary agents.
Go here to start rating
Go here to find out more!
And as a special gesture, we will refund anyone who has paid for PageToFame since we took over the site last month.
So get rating... it's fun, easy, and absolutely addictive!

Welcome back to WEbook at www.webook.com!

After many months worrying, looking, working, rebuilding, inviting, welcoming, learning and improving, we're delighted to be able to announce that WEbook is back! Go to www.webook.com to get back in…

Thanks to everyone who made this possible - from the developers to those of you who signed up to help.

Enjoy the site - enjoy each others' company - and keep tuned for the new features we intend to roll out in the next few weeks and months...

It's great to be back!

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