May's WEbook Writing Challenge - The Winners!


We had just been given the keys to one of the largest social media sites in the world and we just knew that everyone on there had a story to tell...

So, inspired by own situation, we created May's WEbook challenge.

We wanted to discover all the talent that was returning to the site and what you loved (or disliked!) about WEbook.

You were asked to explore the structure of the site and consider the features you use or would like to
  • What does a profile tell you and what does it not

  • When is it right (and when is it wrong) to message people

  • What is reality and what is fiction

  • Or what do you do when someone online tries to cross the boundary into the real world around you
There were some hugely entertaining entries reflecting on that last one!

After much deliberation, we "few determined souls" decided upon a winner: Resurrection by AlinaVoyce!

This entry was well-written, full of excitement, drama and suspense, and we loved the descriptions and creative imagery. We too felt that imagination can be a curse as the lost author's shadow crossed the screen, navigating WEbook's labyrinth of projects.

The five runners-up are:

Stars by RobT
My compliments-Symbols by Poetlife
Novel in the making by Moonstone
Writing needs work by honu
Give feedback by Dollys 

Congratulations to AlinaVoyce and all those who have been highly commended!

June's WEbook challenge is already up and running. Take a look, find out more, and get writing! We look forward to discovering what happens when you steal from your Mother's purse...

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