June's WEbook Writing Challenge - The Winners!


June's challenge was a long one and the starting sentence "it's not every day you find yourself stealing from your Mother's purse..." certainly brought out the good, the bad and the ugly. We were so impressed by the high standard of the entries that we found it very difficult to pick our six winners. But pick we had to do and, as announced, our winner is:


We thought that The Final Two Bucks was a very well developed short story. It dealt with the frailty of humanity in a poignant and sincere way and was emotional without being over the top, which is no mean feat. Well done EddieTol!
Our runners-up are:

All of these entries were an excellent take on the theme and we thoroughly enjoyed reading them. There were some fantastic characters and plenty of enjoyable twists and turns.

So before we run the risk of using too many superlatives in praise of you all, we'll just say that July's challenge is up and running and there are still two weeks left to enter. Good luck!

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