July's WEbook writing challenge - the winners!


You WEbookers are certainly making it very difficult for us to choose winners. The standard of entries was again very high his month, but we will not complain for we love reading all your weird and wonderful imaginings.
The challenge this month was all about working towards an ending and with three choices on offer, there was a plethora of ideas to be explored:
'...and that was how Skittles saved my life.' 
'...but then again, no one said it was going to be easy.' 
'...all because no one bothered to read the instructions: Do not immerse in water.'
Many writers know the ending of their stories before they even start, while others prefer to work out the conclusion as they go along. Whatever the preference, exercises like this are a great way to hone writing skills, helping to develop stories that ultimately make sense, even if the ending is a complete surprise.
The key to this is often good characterisation and we wanted to feel that by the end we really understood the key protagonists and what had motivated them. Above all we wanted a plausible ending and a story that offered us enough hints throughout for sense without making it too obvious what the conclusion would be. That is exactly what we were given by this month's winner FinneanNilsen with the entry Forever Mine.
Congratulations FinneanNilsen!
The very highly-commended runners-up are:
Thanks to everyone who took part this month and congratulations to all those who have received a special mention here.
With August already upon us, the new challenge is now up and running.
So get writing and good luck!

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