August's WEbook Challenge - The Winners!


August's WEbook challenge was all about creating a beautifully crafted short story in just 250 words. We laughed, we cried, and at times were quite frankly disturbed, but we discovered some magical first kisses...

As announced, our winner was Demure by Sprayoncrayon with a wonderful tale of passion and fear that culminated in a rather unexpected ending. 

The runners-up were:

First Kiss by Aftab
Eternally Yours by KimberleyReeves
Cool Blue Ion Trails by Kai_Valentine
First Kiss by Dollys
Ladybird by JiltedJohn

We just wanted to give you all a big shout-out before we announce the September winners. We've been busy updating our blog platform and so don't want to miss the chance to say a proper congratulations! 

We'll be announcing our September challenge winners on the blog very shortly but in the meantime, good luck for October's challenge, which is now running. 

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