September's WEbook Challenge - The Winners!


The entries in September's challenge certainly brought back some memories - good and bad. Some were filled with nostalgia of days gone by while others were expertly written in the moment as current students hurried on their way to the first class of the day.

Without further ado though, we can announce that the winner of the school prize is Calamity Road by EddieTol. Congratulations!

This memorable class trip moves along so innocently but there is a perfectly weaved underlying sense of dread and foreboding that really grips you until its horrifying end. Thank you for sharing this one with us EddieTol.

The runners-up, which we had a very had time selecting, are:

On the Other Side of the Mountain by Aftab
Detention by LanetteKauten
The Best Days by sigmundsquirrel
Peer Pressure by ebonevening
Lily by ZanneP

So it's goodbye to September and on to the next challenge. And what a challenge it is! Submit your best horror story and you could win an iPad - good luck!

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