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Today's author spotlight is on Kimberley Reeves, a hugely prolific author who, luckily for all of us, can't seem to stop churning out brilliant book after brilliant book! 

We got our hands on one of our favourites, 'Broken', and are about to publish it as a WEbook. 'Broken', was, like all of our titles, developed and written right here on WEBook, along with the help and support of Kim's WEbook community friends. 

WEbook: Hi Kim! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, let’s begin by asking: How did you discover WEbook?

Kimberley Reeves: I discovered WEbook in December 2009 while browsing the internet for a writer’s website. I’d spent the previous two years writing novel after novel and finally decided to brave by posting one of them.

WB: What first drew you to WEbook over other writing and author community sites, and then what encouraged you stay?

KR: What made WEbook unique was that the members, whether they were fellow writers or avid readers, were so encouraging and genuine. For those of you whose writing has been referred to as your ‘hobby’ by friends and family, I know you can appreciate the supportive community WEbook has to offer. It wasn’t like other sites that required you to review a set number of randomly selected subs before yours was allowed to enter the rating lotto, The WEbook members chose to read my novels, and offered input that was constructive which, in turn, helped build my confidence and made me a better writer.

WB: Now that you’ve successfully become a published WEbook author, what other aspects of the site do you find enjoyable as a community member?

KR: What I like most about WEbook is that it also affords me the opportunity to help others. Nothing is more gratifying than being able to offer advice to a young/new author on subjects that you once struggled with yourself, and then watching them grow. To the newbies on WEbook, hang in there. The rebirth of the site may seem slow, but it’s steady and gaining momentum. Join projects, enter the monthly Challenges, share your own work, and you’ll quickly discover why the long-standing members have stuck around - and why we have such great faith that WEbook is the future of the literary world.

WB: What do you think of WEbook’s development over recent months?

KR: I won’t dwell on the failings of the original owners of WEbook, because taking unknown authors and having the community pick which ones earned the right to get published was a great concept. Unfortunately, it was poorly executed. The site itself may have died, but the bonds of friendship that had formed were as strong as ever. When the new WEbook team took over and announced some of their visions for the future of the site, I was ecstatic. Finally – a team who understands the passion that drives us and is diligently working to help us realize the dream of being published authors! 

WB: That’s enough about WEbook now we think - let’s turn the talk to your writing process and the brilliant novel that has emerged! When did you first realise that you want to be a writer, Kim?

KR: I have been writing for about seven years now, though the dream to be a writer began when I was twelve. It was during a six month sabbatical from the work force that I decided to stop dreaming and start writing. My first romance novel, Untouchable Memory, was hand written in a notebook and took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to write, but once I started, I couldn’t seem to stop.

WB: Sounds like you’ve got the writing bug! How many novels have you written since then?

KR: I’d written forty novels before joining WEbook, which sounds really awesome… until you realize in order to publish - you have to edit! The good news is I have a whole community to help weed out any yawner moments in my novels.

WB: Where did you find the inspiration for your WEbook title, Broken?

KR: Broken - scheduled for release very soon - was inspired by the closing song in the movie, Broken Bridges. It had such sad lyrics about not giving up when you’re broken that I was compelled to write the story of Mitch and Jesse, who are both broken in their own way, but ultimately find strength in their love for one another.

WB: What advice would you give to people who dream of being authors?

KR: My advice to all the aspiring writers who wonder if they’ll ever get published: Don’t give up on believing.

WB: Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us Kim, is there anything you want to add before we finish?

KR: I am deeply honored to know that my novel, Broken, has the distinction of being among the first books ever published through WEbook. To the WEbook staff – you’re an incredible group of people to work with and I sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done to make this possible. To my WEbook friends – I couldn’t have done it without you.
Kim’s debut WEbook title, Broken, a heart-wrenching tale of loneliness, loss and love, is about to be published right here on WEbook. Just like all of our titles, Broken, was created and developed right here on WEbook with the help of the community, and of course, Kim’s WEbook friends. 

Read on to discover an exclusive extract from Kim's debut WEbook title, Broken:


When I’m broken, Jess…fixes me, makes me whole again. 

Those were the words written in Adam Kincaid's journal shortly before he died. His twin brother, Mitch, has never met Jessie, but now it is up to him to tell her Adam is gone, that he will never again return to her waiting arms.

On the drive to Jessie's ranch, Mitch devises a way they can both put closure on Adam's death. Posing as Adam will give Jessie one last time with him. Mitch can give her the memories she deserves, let her hear the words Adam should have spoken to her when he had the chance. And in the process, maybe Jessie can ease some of the ache in his own heart. 


“Your mind must be a million miles away,” she said, squeezing herself between him and the horse.
Mitch smiled apologetically. “I guess it is.”
Trying not to appear too obvious, he peered over her shoulder, watching intently so he wouldn’t be so inept the next time they went riding. But Jessie didn’t seem to mind taking over, and it occurred to him that she did it quite often, which was turning out to be his saving grace. Like this morning when he told her he wished he’d thought to bring his cowboy boots. She’d given him a curious look and then disappeared for a few minutes, returning with what were obviously Adam’s old boots. Then when they’d gone to the tack room inside the barn and he stood there staring at the small collection of saddles, she had to point out which one was his. No doubt Jessie thought he was losing his mind, but for now it worked in his favor so he didn’t try to convince her otherwise.
“There.” She turned to him with a warm smile. “All saddled up and ready to ride.”
It should have made him happy to know she wanted to take care of him, even happier still at how easily she accepted that he needed her to. Instead, it tore at his heart because he was beginning to understand how much Adam had leaned on her, and just how little his brother had given back in return. Jessie deserved a man who was strong in both body and mind, a man who would do anything for her and want nothing more than to make her life easier. What she’d gotten was someone who came to her only when the burden on his heart and soul became too much for him to bear alone.
She must have loved Adam very much to endure the long stretches between visits and the endless lonely nights, yet she had never said the words, at least not to Mitch. Had she spoken them to Adam? He wished to God he had been the one to meet her first. If he had, this life that he was living now would truly be his. Jessie would be his.
“Hey, Kincaid,” she said softly, “it will work itself out, I promise.”
Mitch snapped out of his reverie, and for one panicked moment was afraid she knew what he’d been thinking. “Jess, I....”
She wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him with all her might. “I’ll fix it,” she said fiercely. “I’ll help you through it just like all the other times, but you have to let it go. Just ... don’t shut me out, Kincaid.” Jessie looked up at him, her heart aching for the maelstrom of emotions she saw churning behind those dark eyes of his. “Talk to me. Tell me what happened on this mission that made it so much worse than the others.”
If only he could.

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