October's WEbook Challenge - The Winners!


October's WEbook challenge was certainly a "nightmare" to judge.

Your chilling stories were so fantastic that we spent a long time deliberating but we can now say a huge congratulations to the deserved winner ZanneP!

ZanneP's entry was the dreamlike and mythical Luna's Reaper full of beautiful haunting imagery and such emotive description that the story stayed with us for a long time after reading. The line "where do you hide your soul?" is just gloriously chilling when read on a halloween night and it definitely filled the "out of this world" brief.

The runners-up, who gave us some equally haunting reads, are in no particular order:

An Ancient Evil by AlinaVoyce
Candleburn by JRBeck
Dark of Night by Sprayoncrayon
Plastic by jabe
The Merchant by LOSTVIOLET

The words of Joseph Conrad, J.K. Rowling and Shakespeare are tough acts to follow but you all did frightfully well, congratulations!

Thank you to all those who took past last month. The NaNoWriMo November challenge is now open and not only are we giving away an iPad Mini, the winner will also have the chance to work with the WEbook community and get their work published. Now that's a prize! Good luck.

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