November's NaNoWriMo WEbook Challenge - The Winners!


NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month to give it the official title, was the inspiration behind our November challenge. In its honour we thought that we would add just a little bit of extra spice to our monthly competition, rewarding the winner with not only an iPad mini but also the chance to work alongside the WEbook team to publish their complete novel.

We were after 500-750 words of your best work and, as the competition brief stated, we were happy to give you free reign over the genre as long as we were given a brilliant narrative, epic turns of phrase and convincing characterisation. We wanted to be overwhelmed, we wanted to be begging for more, we wanted to be on tenterhooks, desperate to discover what comes next, or, what came before.

With such a huge prize on offer everyone certainly brought their A-game to this one and it took us a little longer than usual to decide upon our winner. Finally, however, the WEbook team reached a conclusion and we are very pleased to award the accolade to...

The Nothing Blonde by sigmundsquirrel


We should add incidentally that we cut The Nothing Blonde to the specified 750 words and any words over this allotted limit were strictly discounted.

There were at least half a dozen or so entries that made our very competitive long-list but after much deliberation the following five won through to be our highly-commended runners-up.

Salvage by Ernest_Lee
Between by EddieTol
In which Solomon Fierce receives an offer he can't refuse by Sprayoncrayon
The Visit by WSolomon
Lost Souls by LOSTVIOLET

Congratulations to all our winners. Don't forget there are still a few more days left to enter our Christmas challenge where you can have another chance to win an iPad mini and showcase your work. If there are loads of great entries, we may even decide to publish a Christmas story collection! Good luck!

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