WEbook's NaNoWriMo November Writing Challenge - A Judging Update


In November, we decided to set you all the challenge to write the best first or last chapter of a book... and just wow, you've done us proud WEbook!

The winner of this challenge will not only be the owner of a brand new iPad Mini, but they may also have the opportunity to become a WEbook published author. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we had an overwhelmingly huge response to this exciting challenge and as usual we have had some absolutely outstanding entries! 

With over 100 entries to judge this month, and with the stakes being so high, we want to make sure that we do the best, and of course fairest, job of judging all the entries. 

This will mean that there may well be a longer than usual gap in between the close of the challenge, and the winner being announced. We're working tirelessly hard, day and night, day in day out to judge all of the entries. So don't fret if you've submitted your entry to the challenge, just rest assured that we're doing our very best to make sure that we're 100% sure who our winner will be this month. Perhaps to keep you distracted, you could spend the time crafting your next submission for the December Challenge... 

If you haven't already had a look at what it's all about - you'll be excited to hear that we've got another publication challenge up for grabs again this month - along with that ever-coveted iPad Mini! 

So, in 500-2,000 words, we want you to create an alternative version of the traditional Christmas story - you must keep to the original characters, but how they behave, where they are and how events unfold are up to you... (on a sensible note, let's be respectful with what we write - whatever you believe, remember that Christmas is a beautiful time of year for many different people)

The only stipulation for this challenge is that you keep to the 500-2,000 words. Who knows, if we feel there's more to the story, we may ask you to develop it and we'll publish it. Or, if there are loads of great entries (there usually are!) then we thought that we might publish a collection of all the best stories; a WEbook Christmas, anyone?!

So, good luck to all of the submissions for the November Challenge, we'll keep you all updated on our judging progress and another round of good luck to those submitting an entry to the December Challenge!

The WEbook Team

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