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As all of you WEbookers will remember, our first eight WEbook titles were published back in the final months of 2013 - Broken, Camp 417, The Shadow Spy, Dasvidaniya Rodina, Lifelights, Chaos Unleashed, House of Thistles, The Shadow Spy, and Moonfall: Tales from the Levant.  

Since their release, each title has proved a hit both within our own WEbook community out there in the wider, reading world - which just goes to prove that you guys really do know best when it comes to picking books!!

With more and more readers of our WEbooks every day, it comes as no surprise that they've made a great impression on people from around the world, both inside and outside of our WEbook community.

As our authors have been receiving such great feedback from their rapidly growing armies of fans, we've decided to put together a quick selection of some of our favourite reviews from around the Web for you.

And if you've read any of our WEbook titles, we'd love to hear from you too! Why not leave your own review in the comments section below and we'll compile all the best ones together into a 'WEbook Reviews' blog post...

Broken by Kimberley Reeves

'I'm on my way back to Jessie. Scattered to the wind, busted and broken, we all run to the people or places that will heal our sorrow, our guilt. It's always the same, a never-ending loop of success and loss, building us up, tearing us down" 
- Broken  

The Shadow Spy by Robert Lance

'My hand was shaking when I put the receiver in the cradle. I've always had confidence. I've never seen the short end of the stick, I had never ventured into anything unless I was sure of the outcome. I wasn't a gambler.Yet here I was holding the short end of the stick, rolling crooked dice in a dark alley... I'd close my eyes, one way or another.'
- The Shadow Spy

C Mash Loves to Read
Dasvidaniya Rodina by D.S. Loren

'We are a nation of laws.
It is the waterbear's finest accomplishment.
It is their genius to always act in accordance with their laws however often they change them to being more perfect...
As our laws are perfect, they apply to people who are perfect.
It is only reasonable.
No one is more perfect and reasonable than a waterbear'.
- Dasvianiya Rodina

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Lifelights by Alina Voyce 

"Sometimes the questions are simple and the answers are complicated. Can't you come to me without knowing everything? I can tell you, will tell you, but I'd like to know that you trust me. Do you trust me, Mara?"
- Lifelights

Hull Daily Mail
Chaos Unleashed by Alec Sillifant

'He straightened himself, a defiant look in his eyes, and headed towards the fence and the road beyond. 'If they want Chaos,' he grinned to himself, his heart pounding with a mix of adrenaline, fear and excitement, 'then Chaos they shall have. But on my terms and my terms alone'.
- Chaos Unleashed

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- C Mash Loves to Read
Moonfall: Tales from the Levant by Vanessa Morton

“You angered the night gods. You cursed yourself. The gods marked you that night, yet you cheated them. Now they follow you, seeking vengeance if not from you, from your loved ones.” Malkha’s voice carried a peevish sound... “How many more lives will the gods claim until you give them what they seek?” The shrine’s flickering lamp drew long shadows across the old woman’s face.
- Moonfall: Tales from the Levant
Camp 417 by Finnean Nilsen Projects

'The wave pulled closer together, each man scanning in slow, sweeping movements. Ready for anything. They crept closer. The eerie darkness beyond the entrance playing on their fears. The night's events, so vivid and alive in their imagination, created demons of all sorts hiding in the gloom cast by the thick stone walls.' 

House of Thistles by Lanette Kauten - @LanetteKauten

'She really was my daughter in the deepest sense, as we had both experienced a rebirth of sorts. Except mine occurred at the age of five, and instead of moving into a life of love and security, I was born from fire into foster hell'.
- House of Thistles

- UKmums.TV's Book of the Month

Lanette will soon be featured as a blogger on the Huffington Post UK - we'll keep you updated when her first post goes live!

The WEbook Team

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