February's WEbook Challenge - The Winners!

As February is in so many ways a unique month, we thought it deserved a slightly different type of challenge. The task was to write a story using 28 sentences only. The sentences could be as long as intelligible, but there could only be 28 periods and no more. (Beware, we unfortunately had to discount some great entries because they had gone over the limit!)

We all like to have fun with the WEbook Challenges but they are also a great way to test and improve your writing skills. After all the hard work of actually creating the story, sitting back down to edit it and cut the waffle can be a daunting task and it can be difficult to know what isn't relevant to the telling of the story. Setting yourselves tasks like the February challenge though are a great way of learning to cut out what just simply isn't necessary. One WEbooker, VMorton, did just that. We note that she said she used her entry as a personal challenge to whittle down a work-in-progress four-page scene. Quite a feat to do that but we hope it helped!

So without further ado, we are very pleased to congratulate the winner of our February 2014 WEbook challenge...

Twenty-eight by VanillaLover97

And the runners-up:
Stranded by RJ_Urquhart
Milo and the Junior Hi by JRBeck
Last Words by TJHorsburgh
The Hostage by Wondersmurf
Clueless by angelb35

A wonderfully crafted entry with vivid prose and narrative, Twenty-eight was a thoroughly enjoyable read and most impressive that this wide ranging story could be told in just 28 sentences. 
Congratulations and thanks to all who took part!

We hope you enjoyed February's challenge and gained both enjoyment and some new skills from it. There are still a few more days left to enter our March competition where we're challenging you to write a story integrating five randomly selected words. And, if that challenge doesn't appeal, we've also got a special second challenge running for Women's History Month.

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