The March WEbook Challenge - The Winners!


The March WEbook Challenge this year involved including five specially selected words in a 500-750 word story: BALDERDASH, RAPSCALLION, BISCUITS, TITANIC and FALSIES.

And, before the month is out we just want to say a big congratulations to the winner ...

pdsuitt with the entry Mid-century Teenage Drama!

We felt that pdsuitt's entry dealt very cleverly with the use of these five words, integrating them seamlessly into her narrative without losing sight of the overall story and her superbly crafted characterisations. What really impressed us though was how pdsuitt really worked on her piece. She took the advice offered and acted on it, and that, WEbookers, is what WEbook is all about!

The standard of entries was, as usual, extremely high with some very creative and imaginative uses of the five words - just have a read. Our highly-commended SIX runners-up (as we just couldn't choose between them) are:

Love, Lust, and Padded Bras by Dracarys88
The Challenge by Ernest_Lee
As Luck Would Have It by KimberleyReeves
Moriarty Strikes Again by tonydonell
Sexual Healing by WSolomon
The Naked Aphrodite by Aftab

And, of course, we couldn't write this blog post without quoting one AlecS:

"Balderdash! Only a rapscallion would crush my biscuits with her Titanic falsies!"

How about that for a use of the five words?!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the March Challenge and we'll be announcing the winner of April's very soon!

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