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Here at WEbook, we always love it when our members achieve the ultimate writer's goal - publication!

Whether a title is published under our own WEbook imprint, picked up through AgentInbox, or one of our lovely members decides to go it alone and self-publish - the most important thing is that all of the books have been created right here on WEbook, with the help of the community!

One of our members, Adam Nicholls, recently decided to self-publish his book, 'The Devil in the Detail'. The book was created right here on WEbook, with help and guidance from members of our community. Because we're always so excited when we discover that one of our WEbook members is ready to publish, we had a chat with Adam to find out some more about his book and the process he went through, with the help of WEbook of course, to get his book to a point at which he felt confident that it was ready to publish... 

WEbook: Hi Adam! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. 
First of all, congratulations on publishing your book - you must be very excited!
Could you tell us a bit about how you started writing - what influences you and what genre you like to read and write in the most. 

Adam Nicholls: I've always been a reader. I remember when I was a teenager and I was halfway through a story by James Patterson. I'd never read anything by him before and it took me completely by surprise. I sort of dropped the book onto my lap and said to myself: "I would love to create a story like this". I think it all started around there –– now I write crime and the occasional horror story.

WB: What first bought you to WEbook and how has being involved in the site helped your writing?

AN: I've been a member of WEbook for a few years now. I hadn't heard of WEbook before, but somebody in a forum swore by it. I thought I'd check it out, and now I couldn't be more pleased that I did - I couldn't live without it.
WB: Could you tell us about your book & what inspired you to write it.

AN: Well, the story begins in London, with the introduction of an investigative journalist. He's assigned a project in Cornwall - his hometown - and has seven days to gather as much information as he can about a series of murders. Unfortunately for him, he snoops a bit too much, and it brings trouble to his doorstep.

When I began to write 'The Devil in the Detail', I actually had no plans––or even a plot. I just sat down and began writing. I'd just finished reading the Millennium Trilogy, and I fell in love with the mystery in the story, so I put as much of the feeling from this as I could, into my own book.

WB: How long has it taken you to complete your book, and did you face any challenges or doubts during the writing process? How did you overcome these if so. 

AN: It's taken a total of around five months - adding chapters, removing others, cutting and changing everything to suit my test-readers on WEbook.

At first, nobody liked the ending, and it's so important to tie a story off in the right way. But this is why I love WEbook; it's cram-packed full of experienced writers who are keen to help.
Motivation was a big issue for me. Without support from the WEbook community (special mentions go to Alina Voyce and NJ Wade), I couldn't possibly have summoned the enthusiasm to finish this project.

WB: What made you realise that you were ready to publish your book?

An: That's a great question, but I don't think any story is ever truly finished. In this case, it had gone through several drafts  - some of which were particularly painful! - and I was prepared to keep working on it and revising the text. But when one of my readers said, "Don't you dare touch it! I love it how it is!", I saw their point. If that's not a nod towards publication, I don't know what is!

WB: What is your favourite book?

AN: I would probably say 'The Time Traveler's Wife', but I also draw a lot of inspiration from Stephen King. I guess I have an addiction to "dark and delicious" stories.

WB: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Adam! We wish you all the best of luck with, 'The Devil in the Detail'.

To read an excerpt of, 'The Devil in the Detail', check out Adam's WEbook project page...

- The WEbook Team

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