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Back in March we ran a Women's History Month writing competition, we had some really great entries, many of which took the theme and interpreted in lots of unexpected and inspiring ways - well done to everyone who entered! 

As with any competition, we did have to pick a winner, and we thought that Angelb35's entry, 'Interviewing Destiny', took the challenge into a unique direction. The story highlighted issues of pollution, our interpretation of the Earth as a woman and mother, and was linguistically and metaphorically, a beautiful submission to top it all off! 

Congratulations Angelb35!!

We had a chat with Angelb35 to find out some more about her story... 

WEbook: Hi Angel, Congratulations on winning! You chose a very powerful subject for this month’s challenge - what inspired you to write about this particular female figure? 

Angel: This character, Destiny Travers, is the main character of my novel, 'Manifesting Destiny'. I chose her for my subject in this challenge because she is a very strong, yet very vulnerable, female figure. She has immense power to effect the lives of those with whom she comes in contact, but is helpless to save her own life.

WB: This is a very emotive piece of writing, is it a subject that you feel strongly about? 

Angel: Yes, I do feel very strongly about the slow and agonizing death that we are causing to our planet. The Earth is our home, our mother, we cannot exist without her. Humans as a race tend to be too self involved to realize the damage that we inflict on our environment. We can't see past the ends of our own noses.

WB: You mention several items in the story such as bacon, coffee and cigarettes and you reference the Industrial Revolution, was it your intention to highlight these in order that you could demonstrate the lack of care we take of our bodies as well as the planet? 

Angel:  The short answer to this question is 'Yes'. I reference the Industrial Revolution to illustrate that once humans attained sufficient power to make our own lives easier, we began to dump hazardous toxins by the ton into the air, water and soil that we require to sustain life. I frequently use bacon as a tongue in cheek metaphor to illustrate how we destroy animals by the thousands and consume an excess of protein and meat, just because it tastes good. I use tobacco and coffee to show that we take nature's gifts, natural medicines, and we abuse and misuse them in spite of the life threatening illnesses that come from this behavior. Tobacco use is particularly abusive not only to ourselves, but to those around us. Many of us continue to pump toxic smoke into our lungs and the lungs of anyone nearby, with little consideration. 

WB: Do you think that the Sci-Fi aspects of Destiny's history and character help to distance the story from connotations of religion and creationism? 

Angel: I use the sci-fi aspect of this character to illuminate some of my ideals that may not be 'mainstream'. I believe that it is simple arrogance to believe that we are alone in this universe, whether we were created or evolved. Also, I believe that we are all visitors to this planet. She existed long before we did, and will continue to exist for long after we're gone. We must pass her care on to our children, the next generation of visitors, in better condition than we received it in. That is not happening. 

WB: The reporter is male, do you think that is significant in the contact of the story?

Angel: Yes. The reporter is male because in spite of years of women's lib movements worldwide, men are still largely in charge of the fate of the world. This may not be a popular concept, but it is the truth. In the hands of this reporter, like in the hands of the world leaders, the fate of Destiny, and the fate of Earth rests.

WB: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Angel, and congratulations on you win! We look forwards to reading more about Destiny and other pieces of writing from you in upcoming competitions!

We are always looking for new ways to challenge our WEbook members, and our Women's History Month Competition was run at the suggestion of a member - if you have a good reason for us to run another writing competition like this one, let us know! E-mail info@webook.com with your suggestions, or tweet us @WEbook

The WEbook Team

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