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Dear WEbookers,

Welcome to WEbook's May Newsletter!

This month we're highlighting some useful and free (!!) resources for writers on the internet, including some great places to find inspiration, ideas to help you stay focussed and some interesting thesauruses that will help to diversify your vocabulary and writing.

We're also giving away a free eBook copy of our latest WEbook release Songs from the Laughing Tree, by WEbook member Aftab Latif, to each WEbook member receiving this newsletter - lucky you! Make sure to read on below to find out how you can claim your free copy.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our May Challenge, First Line Imitations, our judges are locked away in their dungeon making their final decisions about the winners as you read this... Our June Challenge is now up and running, and this month we're challenging you to start your tale in the middle of the action. No faffing about with building up tension. We don't care about developing your character's broody features. WE WANT ACTION!

So, do not delay, enter The June Challenge: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! right away. Thanks for reading and as ever, happy writing!

The WEbook Team

Do you have a member or project in mind that should be highlighted in our June newsletter? 

WEbook Community

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Miss_LadyBug for being selected as our Member of the Month for April. We decided to pick Miss_LadyBug for her fantastic contribution to PageToFame, with over 70 ratings in the last month alone!

Project Spotlight

There are loads of great new projects available to read on WEbook, but our favourite this month has to be Pivotal Moments by musesinspire:'Life can change in an instant. Everyone at some point comes to a moment when everything is changed beyond recognition. This point in time is called a Pivotal Moment.'

Why not become more involved with the WEbook community by joining one of these group projects...

A Problem Shared...

A place to ask your fellow WEbookers for help on problematic chapters, tricky characters, and frustrating plot lines... This is the place to ask for help on parts of your story that you've already written, but you just can't get quiiiite right.

Get Sharing!

500 Words

Add your own chapter to this project and top it up by 500-words every day! You should aim to be adding to your chapter in 500-word chunks for 30 days. This will get you to 15,000 words in around a month - which is basically a book!

Get Writing!

Pitch a Plot

When all you've got so far is a killer character, a banging background story or a spectacular setting and the rest of the story is... well... not materialising... it can be rather frustrating. Why waste a good idea on a moment of stunted inspiration?

This month to celebrate the release of Songs from the Laughing Tree, by A.U. Latif, we are giving away free digital copies to all our WEbook members. To download your free copy, head over to the WEbook Store and use the code NEWSLETTERAPRIL. Happy reading!

Do you think you could be our next WEbook Author? We're currently accepting submissions for Autumn / Fall publication. Email our team with your query today!

WEbook Community


Everyone needs a little inspiration every now and again. To get back into the literary groove check out these prompts and writing exercises designed to help reignite that inky flame...
  • One Word: Write as much as you can in 60-seconds using this single word prompt generator...
  • Dark Copy: Blot out any distractions with this screen darkening word-processor. Focus. Focus. Success.
  • Automatic Writing: If you haven't explored automatic writing yet, try it now! The idea is to keep your fingers moving - it's a doing rather than thinking exercise.
  • Lino: Brainstorm with this online pinboard. Add images, gifs, colours and notes to build up your mind palace of inspiration.


    The English language has such a plethora of brilliant, yet uncommonly used words that could be the perfect fit for your next plot twist...

    • The Compendium of Lost Words : Bored of the garrulous blaterations of foppotee individuals? Us too. Gnathonize and roblet to your heart's desire with these long-forgotten words.
    • Fancy Phraseology : Here's a list of 225 foreign language phrases you can slip into your stories to add a little... je ne sais quoi.
    • Dictionary of Purple ProseA list of fun and unusual words to liven up your ditties, extol your character's greatest feats and jaculate an insult or two.

    Fun :)

    Here are some fun tools from around the web for us word-nuts and book-geeks that you can keep bookmarked in your writer's toolbox for 'research' purposes...
  • The Colour Thesaurus
  • : Ever wondered what colour porcelain actually is? Or Admiral blue? Here's your chance to nail those colours with one fell word.

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