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Dear WEbook, 

Welcome to the August Newsletter! 

In this month's newsletter, we've put together some useful writing tips for authors who are new to the writing world - they're also excellent reminders for those of you who have been putting pen to paper for a while, too! Plus we'll be revealing our Member of the Month, Writer of the Month and a Project Spotlight - if you've got a member or a Project in mind that you think should be in the running for nomination next month, let us know!

This month on WEbook we've discovered some great new writers, become completely addicted to some fantastic Projects, and had a testing time trying to twig the twists hidden within the entries to our Twisted Tales Challenge. Don't forget to get your entries in for our August Challenge: Read it Well, which challenges you to write a story with a confession - be it good or bad...

Happy reading and as ever, happy writing!

The WEbook Team

Writer of the Month

Writer of the Month


A member of WEbook since 2010, Penny has been nominated as August's Writer of the Month for adding almost 150 individual pieces of content to WEbook in this month alone. Check out her project series: Portals of Paradox.



Words of the Month



A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.


Possessing a violent desire to write.


To uproot from a natural geographical, social or cultural environment; to tear up by the roots.

Member of the Month

Member of the Month


Grafiksad has been selected as August's Member of the Month for his outstanding all-round contribution to WEbook. With 60+ pieces of feedback given to authors, among many other on-site activities, this is one dedicated WEbooker!


WEbook's Top Writing Tips

WEbook's Top Writing Tips For New Authors (and older ones too!)

Whether you're just starting out as a writer, or you've been pounding those keys for so long you remember the good 'ol days of pen-and-ink, it's essential for your wor(l)dy progression to have a few fail-safe rules that you can fall back on.

We've collated our top-5 from the WEbook offices to get you started:

#1. Don't be afraid... Starting a story, whether it's your first or your 1,000th is a daunting task. If you've been inspired by a single scene, try beginning by turning this into a short story and then expand on it bit-by-bit. Even the best writers had to start somewhere!

#2. Plan, Plan, Plan - Yes, we know it sounds a bit too much like High School English class, but the teachers had a point. Planning is important. But, what's not important is to start your plan at the beginning. Plan the part of the story you want to write first, then add bits on as they come to you.

#3. Keep, don't delete! - It's very, very tempting to delete when you're not happy with your writing, but give your words a chance. A bit of time away from what you've written might help you see it from a more foregiving perspective during a re-read. 

#4. Learn from the best - Think about the authors whose writing you respect. Re-read how they approach different aspects of writing and try to imitate what they do. After a while you'll develop your own take on this style and before you know it you're a pro!

#5. Research is key - Nothing ruins a great narrative more than an unbelievable fact, an incorrect assumption or just a plain untruth. Don't jeopardise the atmosphere of your scene by neglecting to research your topic fully. 

Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight

We've collected some of our favourite projects from around WEbook to showcase in this month's Project Spotlight. Happy reading!

The Etiquette of Swinging: A Love Story

Juliana is a thirty-something woman who wants to explore outside of relationship norms. Together with her new partner, Andy, she enters the world of swinging. But how does one negotiate a new relationship when the 'rules' are so nebulous?

Innocent Vampire Gals

A woman runs a nightclub where unlawful activities are going on, with her getting a percentage of every transaction. Killed by a blackmailing vampire, she soon finds herself one of them, as well as a prime suspect in the vampire-killing of her absentee business partner’s ex-girlfriend.

Dark Sonata

It’s 1841. Labeled as the White Witch, cursed from her father’s sins, Lady Victoria Orpha Leslie lives in constant fear of her cold-hearted peers, a spoiled cousin, and an aggressive uncle, the Duke of Basingstoke. But there is something much darker and more evil to dread. On the night of a grand ball her life changes forever, with the appearance of the mysterious and devilishly handsome Earl of Stone. Fate is altered, in a very dangerous way. 

​Do you have a project that you think should be featured in our Project Spotlight for next month?

Let us know by emailing the WEbook team with your suggestions!


WEbook's Monthly Challenge

Beneath the humdrum and the day-to-day, secrets lie stuffed in the cracks of our psyche, niggling away at our sanity with the explosions that their revelations could cause...

In this month's challenge we want you to weave a confession into your story. 

Confessions take many forms. 

They can be won through torture, trickery and tact.

They can save, endanger or destroy. 

A confession can be the best thing that happens, or the worst possible turn of events. 

Whatever form your confession takes, be it a letter hidden amongst personal papers, a taped video recording watched by an audience of scammed investors, an emotional revelation between two friends, or information that could save the lives of millions, it must form the central point in your story. 

You have 850 words to craft your tale of confession - use them wisely...


The winner of WEbook's July Challenge: Twisted Tales is...

A Cautionary Tale by Veronica Frances

The following six are this month's runners up:

• On Safari by Keberly  •  Nuisances by LostV  •  
The Game, The Promise, and One Moment by lightningpastry  •
 The Look by Leo1  •  The Last Train by Sprayoncrayon  • 

 Congratulations to everyone who entered!

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