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Hello lovely writers and readers of WEbook 👋🏼

It's been a busy month on WEbook with loads of brilliant, interesting and totally unique projects popping up every day. Below, we've selected some of our favourites that you've been adding to this month.

Happy reading!


| Fiction | Crime Thriller | Suspense |

Two Unsolved Mysteries by LouisaSweet

'Elena served the public of Minneapolis for seven years. After a sudden decision, she finds herself in the heart of London and teams up with Konstantin, a hardworking cop. Soon, they both start to follow a trail that is packed with danger and sadistic criminals.'

WEbook Member Review:
"... this is well written and seems well structured, I like the dialogue very much." - KenWebb 

| Fiction | Gay / Lesbian | Women's Fiction | NSFW |

Experience From the Past by QuietCreation

'Vivian Richmond is a respected criminal psychologist who consults with agencies across the country. She's engaged to the love her life but things don't turn out to be as they appear. Just when things are crumbling, light and dark appear in her life--what will prevail?'

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| Fiction |Historical | Action | Adventure |

Chronicle of Immortality: Matthew by KenWebb

'Mathias (Mathew) wakes on a beach of the Aegean and begins a journey of rediscovering himself, beset by immortals and monsters he travels a path that he himself had laid out in a previous life that he cannot remember.  What is the truth?  Is there a ultimate truth?  What hope has a man, when matched against the larger than life heroes and immortals that populate this world?

'In a game played by Immortals; humanity is the prize.'

WEbook Member Review:
"I like the sound of this story - were I an agent I would certainly read the first couple of chapters." - Satyr

Fiction Romance | Sci-Fi | Fantasy |

The Lady's Adviser by Crystal_Linn

“I have been hired to advise you, princess, and I will do my best, but you must make me a promise in return.” She wiped her face of her tears before offering her tiny hand. "What promise?" she asked warily. "Come to me first when you have a trouble and I will make certain to help you with it...In return, I promise to always be there for you when you need help."

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Fiction | YA | Sci-Fi | Fantasy |

Children of Little Might by The_Dragon

'Monty finds a manuscript that promises to grant him every wish he makes if he translates it. When he does and makes his first wish, that's when trouble starts.'

WEbook Member Review:
"I'm really loving the possibilities open to Monty as an action-driven ASD character. It is giving me a lot of warm fuzzies." - LisbethRose

"The stinging caress of wood smoke wound its way through the rainforest's mossy trees. Pulling me from sleep, its heavy tang drew me towards a jagged pathway littered with sharp debris. This pathway appeared to have been violently forced in to existence by those with no understanding of the rainforest's subtle guides. Pressing my foot down on to the path, treading in their wake, I knew I should follow." 

This month, we would like you to focus on using a full spectrum of sensory descriptions within your sub. We don't want you to rely on telling us what you, and therefore we, should be looking at. Rather, we want you to make us feel what's going on. Ignite our senses. Tell us what to smell, what to touch, and what to listen out for.

If you think you're a master of literary description and you've got this challenge down, then don't be afraid to show us - and the rest of WEbook - what you've got.

To read the full challenge description and find out how to enter, head over to the challenge page.

You've got until the end of the month to enter, but to take full advantage of feedback from other members you should make sure to get your entries in nice and early.

Up for grabs is a USD$25 Amazon gift voucher, or a hardback WEbook from the WEbook Store...

Good luck and happy writing!
Enter the September Challenge

Congratulations to all the entrants in the August Challenge: Talk to Me

Dialogue is a tricky thing to master, with some of the main hurdles being tied up in a writer's ability to capture the natural ebb and flow of conversation. Often we write in a very different way to the way we speak, so trying to combine the two can be fraught with unexpected hurdles leaving you in a battle against your instincts.

However, despite the difficulty presented by the challenge brief there were lots of top-class entries in the battle for the winning spot this month.

We're delighted to announce that the winner of the August Challenge: Talk to Me is....

Them Earthies by S_WilsonDisher


The following five are this month's runners up:

Snowbound by OrientalGal | My Family by DexterBateman | Disclosure by LilyFramboise | Casino AdVal by tonydonell | Penury by satyr

Thanks for taking the time to write and submit your entries in August, we look forwards to reading and judging more of your stories in the September Challenge: Sights & Sounds
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Announcing the winners of the August Challenge: Talk to Me

The winner of the August Challenge: Talk to Me is....
 The following five were August's runners up:
Casino AdVal by tonydonell | Penury by satyr |
Thanks to everyone who took part! 

Happy writing and good luck

- Hannah from the WEbook Team

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